Ask The Authority

  • The moratorium on late fees and service disconnects is expiring.  What can I do to avoid discontinuance of water/sewer service if I am past due on my bill?  
    • For more information on the expiration of moratorium and paying past due charges, click here 
  • What payment options does the EMUA offer?
      Online –  Click for online payments                                                                                                                                By Mail– P.O. Box 467, Marlton, NJ 08053
      In Person – Normal business hours are M-F, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. at 100 Sharp Road
      Drop box – for after hours payments – drive up drop box is located outside of 100 Sharp Road
      Payment Plans are available – Contact the EMUA at 856-983-1878 for more details
  • Meet your Meter
    The most convenient way to monitor your water usage is to read the water meter.  The meter is usually located inside the house along an outside wall.  The meter registers usage in gallons.  Read the numbers from left to right and use a flashlight to activate the display.
  • I’m moving – What’s next?
    Seller:  Contact the EMUA at 856-983-1878 to schedule a final read prior to your settlement date.
    For more information Click here.
    Buyer:  The EMUA will send you an information packet upon notification of your settlement.  The buyer
    is required to submit a Change of Ownership form to the EMUA.  This form is a part of the buyer’s
    information packet.
  • Are there customer discounts?
    Yes, for senior citizens, disabled persons or surviving spouses.  The tax collector’s office makes the
    determination of qualification for discount. Please contact 856-983-2900 for assistance.
  • Who is responsible for the bill in Landlord/Tenant situations?
    The owner is ultimately responsible for the water and sewer bill.  The MUA will send a duplicate bill to the tenant provided the owner has registered the service address with the Township of Evesham Clerk and has completed a written request on the authorized Landlord/Tenant Form
  • Who is responsible if my meter freezes?
    The owner is responsible for maintaining and protecting the water meter.  If the meter is damaged, the owner will be billed for the replacement cost of the water meter.  For more information on protecting your meter and pipes, click here.