Sewer Backup

wcidfats-oils-and-greaseSewer main stoppages do not occur frequently; however, when they do, the result can be devastating for residents if the stoppage causes sewage to back up in to the home.

Many residents dispose of grease from frying or cooking oil down the sink drain. When the grease gets into the sewer main, it solidifies. The grease clings to tree roots and coats the inside diameter of the pipe and eventually clogs the pipe entirely. Frying and cooking oil should be poured into a seperate container and placed in the trash for disposal.




Remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions when using the garbage disposal unit located under the sink. Grease and debris from garbage disposals are very costly to treat at the wastewater treatment facility. If you have the unit removed from your home, contact the billing office so that the charge can be removed from your quarterly bill.

If sewage backs up into your home:
1.Call the MUA as soon as possible. There is no charge for this service call.
2.If we determine that the problem is in the main line, we will clear the blockage at no charge.
3.If the problem is in the homeowner’s line, it will require a plumber at the homeowner’s expense.
4.If a plumber determines tree roots are the problem, be certain a root cutter is used to clear the pipe of all roots.
5.If the problem persists, the MUA will TV the lateral line at no cost to the homeowner.