Heritage Village Phase 3 Water Main Replacement Project Update


Evesham – Becoming a Lead-Safe Community



Evesham MUA LogoThe Authority was first established as the Evesham Sewerage Authority on April 7, 1955 and reorganized on March 3, 1959 as The Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority, by ordinance of the governing body of the Township of Evesham. Today, the Authority services over 18,000 equivalent dwelling units which represents 97% of the Township’s estimated 2010 population of 47,596. The Authority is a public entity, which is solely funded by revenues derived from water and wastewater operations. The Authority does not receive any municipal or state tax revenues.

Municipal utility authorities are instituted for the purposes of protecting public health and safety and ensuring environmental security for its citizens by professionally managing and operating publically owned water and wastewater infrastructure and to secure and preserve the financial ability to maintain, renew and replace these vital resources.  Your MUA is staffed and managed by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection licensed professionals to serve and protect the single most important need our citizens have – clean water.

The Authority Board of Commissioners consists of five members and two alternate members. The members are appointed by resolution of the governing body of the Township of Evesham for five year terms, expiring on January 31, in the fifth year next ensuing after the date of appointment. The alternate members are also appointed to the Authority by resolution of the governing body of the Township of Evesham and their current terms expire on the fourth or fifth January 31, next ensuing after the date of appointment. Each member and alternate member holds office for the term for which he or she was appointed and until his or her successor has been appointed and has qualified. Daily operations are managed by the Executive Director.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority is to serve the people that live, work and visit our community, by providing the highest quality drinking water and efficient waste water disposal services through the use of sound management principles, modern scientific practices and effective planning to maintain our infrastructure and safeguard public health while imposing minimal impact on the environment.