Valve Exercising Program

We would like to introduce the new EMUA valve exercising program. This initiative is designed to improve water quality and optimize maintenance procedures on water mains. Based on a new recommendation from the DEP, the EMUA has adopted a full-scale exercising plan with the goal of tracking and maintaining the condition of valves all over the water distribution system in Evesham Township.

The machine in this video is a versatile valve exercising trailer, which contains all of the tools that are required to access valves which may be discovered to be in need of refurbishment.

If you see crews using this machine in your area, valve exercising is taking place in your neighborhood. It is not unusual to experience discolored water for a short time after valves have been exercised near your home. This is normal, and should be resolved after letting the water run for a short time. If you experience discolored water for a prolonged period of time or have any other concerns, please call the MUA office at (856) 983-1878.

Evesham MUA Valve Exercising Program