Heritage Water Main Replacement


UPDATE 1/29/2020

Residents of HERITAGE VILLAGE are advised to place their recycling carts out the NIGHT BEFORE this Friday’s collection on the morning of Jan. 31.

Recycling collection for Heritage Village is estimated to take place around 6 to 6:30 a.m. this Friday morning.

Collection crews are prioritizing the early collection in Heritage Village in order to stay ahead of scheduled water main replacement construction.

With this in mind, residents in Heritage Village are once again advised to place their recycling out the night before this Friday’s regular collection to ensure they do not miss collection in the early morning.



The Evesham MUA has begun phase 1 of the Heritage Village water main replacement project. This            phase of the project will include the following streets:

Blanchard Road ( Installation complete )
Abington Avenue ( Installation complete )
Knox Boulevard
Marlborough Avenue ( Installation complete )
Azalea Terrace ( Installation complete )
Briarcliff Road ( Installation complete )
Hobart Avenue ( Installation complete )
East Main Street (from Walden Road to Radnor Boulevard)




Why is your water main being replaced?

Replacements are done for various reasons, including repairing or avoiding water main breaks, replacing corroded pipe, improving water quality, increasing available hydrant flow and improving area delivery. All of these are important to maintaining the system that delivers your water. Proactive water main replacement is necessary to reduce the amount and severity of water main breaks and water system component failures in areas which meet the criteria of a section in need of replacement.





What to expect when the project begins?

The Evesham MUA and it’s contractors will continue to communicate with residents during each step of the process, and let residents know of the current conditions through signage, social media, and door tags. It is important to the Evesham MUA that residents are aware of the status of the project throughout the duration of the construction.