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Evesham, The EMUA Needs YOUR Help!

In July 2021, New Jersey passed Assembly Bill No. 5343, which requires all water systems to inventory and replace all lead service lines.  Although the majority of the water service lines in Evesham are copper, this law requires the EMUA to replace customer-owned galvanized steel and lead lines.

As a required part of this bill, and to get the most accurate inventory possible of the customer portion of the service line, the EMUA will need to collect information about certain customers’ home plumbing. This collection can be done via a very brief self-survey (link below) or a quick in-person visit from an EMUA representative.

Your Cooperation is Invaluable!

Residents, please follow the link below to fill out the very short survey so, together, we can keep Evesham water lead-free:

Click Here for Survey


To schedule an in-person appointment, or for any questions or concerns, please contact the EMUA:

(856) 983-1878



When visiting your property, EMUA employees will always be in uniform and able to provide identification. All EMUA field employees will be equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment as it relates to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.