Govdeals Auction Notice


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that The Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority will sell property no longer needed for public use through an on-line auction to be conducted by GovDeals, Inc. at its web-site, on March 30, 2020 . All bidders must pre-register with GovDeals at the internet address listed above to be eligible to participate. The property to be sold is as follows: 

  1. 1997 Ford F-800 F series dump truck w/ 8’ Snowplow V#: 1FTDNF80C9VVA15745
  1. Cargo Express Special Touring Edition – Main Break Trailer 
  1. 1994 Chevrolet P3500 Van ( tv truck) V#: 1GDKP32K8R3501004 
  1. 2001 Ford F-250 Utility Body Truck V#: 1FTNF20L71EC00663
  1. 2002  Ford Explorer V#: 1FMZU73E22UA08202
  1. 2004 Jeep Liberty V#: 1J4GL48K54W232223 
  1. 2004 Jeep Liberty V#: 1J4GL48K34W232222 
  1. 2002  Ford Explorer V#: 1FMZU73E72ZA16251 
  1. Ford Meter Box Co. – Calibrating table/tank 
  1. Wisconsin – Well Direct Drive Unit  V# 1529679 
  1. Wisconsin – 3” Trash Pump w/ quick disconnect V# 256845 
  1. Moyno Progressing Cavity Pump V# A54231091 
  1. MB-PTo Sweeper Model pmt/bm8009201 V#126841 
  1. Electric Eel Cable Machine

More detailed information about the property to be sold can be found at